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      Commodity – Fats & Oils

      Sourcing commodities globally is a strength of FTA Food Solutions.

      Long valued supply partnerships with some of the best producers and traders of these products supports a strong supply chain and value offering for our customers.

      Fats & Oils


      Full range of Confectionery Fats including: -

      Specialty Fats CBS, CBE and CBR

      Shortenings Vegetable for Baking & Frying Applications

      Frying Fats Solid Vegetable


      Blended Vegetable Oil (BVO)

      Canola Oil

      Coconut Oil

      Corn Oil

      Cottonseed Oil

      Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

      Olive Oil

      Olive Pomace Oil

      Palm Oil

      Peanut Oil

      Soya Oil

      Sunflower Oil

      All Vegetable Oils are available in various pack sizes according to end user requirements- from 500ml to 20 tonnes.

      Packaging options include: PET bottles, glass bottles, tin cans and drums, plastic drums, cardboard “bag in the box”, 1 tonne IBC’s and 20 tonne flexitanks.


      Can't find what you're after?

      Other specialty products may be sourced upon request. Including Organic



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      ? FTA Food Solutions Pty. Ltd.



      43-45 Slough Road, Altona, Victoria 3018

      +61 (3) 8398 0500


      +61 407 865 717


      24 West Link Place, Richlands, QLD 4077

      +61 (7) 3375 1855


      54 Miguel Road, Bibra Lake, WA 6163

      +61 (8) 9434 9090


      Suite 4, 2-6 Hunter St. Parramatta, NSW 2150

      +61 (2) 8837 4400


      Level 1, 415 Great South Road,

      Ellerslie 1051 New Zealand

      +64 (9) 579 5401