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      Herbs, Spices and Pepper

      Sourcing ingredients of the world is a passion of FTA Food Solutions.

      FTA Food Solutions is one of Australia’s leading supplier of quality herbs and spices.



      Caraway Seed

      Cardamon Ground

      Cardamon Pods

      Cardamon Seeds

      Cassia Ground

      Cayenne Pepper

      Celery Seed & Powder

      Chilli Crushed, Powder & Whole

      Cloves Whole & Ground

      Coriander Whole & Ground

      Cumin Ground & Seed

      Curry Powder Hot & Mild

      Fennel Whole & Ground

      Fenugreek Ground

      Ginger Ground

      Mixed Spice

      Mustard Flour

      Mustard Seed Yellow & Brown

      Nutmeg Ground

      Paprika Spanish All Grades

      Sumac Ground

      Turmeric Ground


      Pepper Black Cracked - all grades

      Pepper Black Ground

      Pepper Black Whole

      Pepper White Ground

      Pepper White Whole

      Pepper Four Colour Blend


      Basil Leaves

      Bay (Laurel) Leaves

      Herbs Mixed

      Marjoram Rubbed

      Oregano Ground

      Oregano Leaves

      Parsley Flakes

      Rosemary Leaves

      Sage Rubbed


      Thyme Leaves

      Dehydrated Vegetables

      Carrot Diced


      Garlic Flakes

      Garlic Granules

      Garlic Powder

      Ginger Flakes

      Onion Kibbled

      Onion Flakes

      Onion Sliced White

      Onion Sliced Yellow

      Onions Fried

      Tomato Powder

      Tomatoes Sun Dried Diced

      Tomato Sun Dried Halves

      Tomato Sun Dried Strips

      Tomato Sun Dried “Ready to eat”

      Red Bell Peppers


      Can't find what you're after?

      Other specialty products may be sourced upon request. Including Organic



      ph: +61 (3) 8398 0500

      ? FTA Food Solutions Pty. Ltd.



      43-45 Slough Road, Altona, Victoria 3018

      +61 (3) 8398 0500


      +61 407 865 717


      24 West Link Place, Richlands, QLD 4077

      +61 (7) 3375 1855


      54 Miguel Road, Bibra Lake, WA 6163

      +61 (8) 9434 9090


      Suite 4, 2-6 Hunter St. Parramatta, NSW 2150

      +61 (2) 8837 4400


      Level 1, 415 Great South Road,

      Ellerslie 1051 New Zealand

      +64 (9) 579 5401