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      Legumes & Pulses

      We have a wide variety of Australia sourced Legumes and Pulses many of which are colour sorted to provide the highest purity and quality. We also source high quality Legumes and Pulses from around the world which provides our customers access to fresh product all year round


      Peas Blue

      Peas Chick Kabuli 7.5- 8.5 mm & 9mm +

      Peas Green Split

      Peas Yellow Split

      Soup Mix

      Soup Mix Standard

      Soup Mix Continental

      Ord River

      Chick Peas Mediums

      Chick Peas Large

      Beans Borlotti

      Beans Cannellini

      Beans & Lentils

      Beans Adzuki

      Beans Black Turtle

      Beans Borlotti

      Beans Cannellini

      Beans Cranberry

      Beans Great Northern

      Beans Haricot (Navy)

      Beans Lima Baby Green & White

      Beans Lima Large

      Beans Mung

      Beans Pinto Pre-washed

      Beans Red Kidney Dark & Light

      Beans Small Red Pre-washed

      Beans Soya


      Laird Lentils

      Lentils Green

      Lentils Red Whole

      Lentils Red Dehulled

      Lentils Red Split


      Can't find what you're after?

      Other specialty products may be sourced upon request. Including Organic



      ph: +61 (3) 8398 0500

      ? FTA Food Solutions Pty. Ltd.



      43-45 Slough Road, Altona, Victoria 3018

      +61 (3) 8398 0500


      +61 407 865 717


      24 West Link Place, Richlands, QLD 4077

      +61 (7) 3375 1855


      54 Miguel Road, Bibra Lake, WA 6163

      +61 (8) 9434 9090


      Suite 4, 2-6 Hunter St. Parramatta, NSW 2150

      +61 (2) 8837 4400


      Level 1, 415 Great South Road,

      Ellerslie 1051 New Zealand

      +64 (9) 579 5401